The PQ course was life changing for me to break down how I think and react to everything. Spontaneous happiness happened the second week. I’ve known for a while there were survival thoughts restricting my quality of life. And Kim led with an amazing level of kindness and insight and helped make this practice very rewarding. Thank you, Turning Point Coaching and Shirzad!
Donette G

This coaching is amazing. It taught me so much about the brain, how the parts work, and how it can hijack you without you even knowing it. It provides logical easy tools to get back to a positive brain place. With practice I have become calmer and happier and can even help others be more happy. Kim is a very good coach. She knows the system well and cares a lot.
Tom S

Kim helped me feel supported right away.  Her 12-step recovery knowledge gave us a common ground to build from.  Right away we had a solid foundation.  Once I had this, I felt safe to jump into a void and things unfolded, morphed...I found me again.

Abbe Beck, Santa Maria, CA

Working with Kim as a life coach was an incredible experience.  Kim’s enthusiasm and expertise made the process powerful!  I was able to connect with my inner leader and find ways to balance out my life more thoroughly.  With exercises designed to help narrow my values and incorporate them into my everyday life, I found the sessions helpful, guided and professional.

Don’t confuse counseling with coaching.  It’s not an either/or.  They are not the same and I for one, benefited from both.

Beverly C. Taylor, LMFT, Santa Ynez, CA

I had the pleasure of being coached by Kim.  She really listens and hears what you are saying.  She is gifted with insight and guides you to find your own answers through questions that expose your heart and inner strength.  I have grown to be a better leader in my business and member of my family because of her coaching style.  I look forward to our sessions.  She is always prepared and keeps our sessions focused.   She holds you accountable and gives you homework that is agreed upon.  I found myself completing tasks because I had verbalized them to her and created goals.  I am signing up for further sessions and can’t wait to see what this year holds for me personally and in business.

Phyllis Anderson, Entrepreneur and Registered Nurse

Working with Kim has helped me to focus on aspects of my life that I have been neglecting.  Her demeanor is supportive and encouraging.  She offers suggestions to give me a path forward that seems positive and attainable.

Laurie Burnaby, Yoga Therapist/Teacher

I’ve always been a very self-reflective and self-motivated thinker with a strong family support system, so counseling and therapy were never on my radar. I was given the opportunity to be coached by Kim and was pleasantly surprised with the results and experience. During our sessions, it felt like Kim was the critical voice inside my head that asked me the hidden questions which I had previously overlooked on my own. Kim had a very poetic way of envisioning my frame of mind and transitioning my thoughts in a purposeful way. I was very impressed with the outcome, as Kim was able to guide me to a different frame of mind regarding an issue that previously left me hindered. 

Bryan Kawata, Biotech Associate in Orange County, CA

This program helped me realize "I'm not alone." We all have a judge and critical internal voices. Now I feel more connected to the wise, peaceful and calm part of myself.

Ellyn H.

I worked hard in this PQ program and took it seriously. I've battled depression my whole life and practiced "life avoidance" because I felt so miserable. This program with its daily "PQ reps" and lessons alleviated my suffering and brought me relief from my depression. If you want to be genuinely happy and want peace of mind, this is the way to do it!

Valerie L.

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